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As a child, I used to often go to museums in Paris to admire the elegant dresses painted by great artists. This quickly allowed me to closely study the materials and costumes of different times in history. Then as a young student, I took up drawing. It was then that I realized the rigorous technique that is involved in the design of a piece and the importance of a balanced silhouette. The designer must be able to bring together technique and fashion, rigor and inventiveness.

Fashion… ? In my opinion, it is a piece of clothing that fits well…at the right

It was only several years later, that I started to give fashion advice to friends. This was after I had completed a company law degree – the legal profession being an environment where the dress codes are very classical. I got good feedback from my friends about the way I advise and my Parisian shopping tours. It was then that I decided to take this up professionally and elaborated mini personalized shopping circuits for my friends. Six months later, and with a very clear idea in my head of what my project should be, I launched my personal shopper/ personal designer company. And so my little company was born!


I wear a LTB jacket, a Ralph Lauren shirt and Seven for all Mankind jeans with a Swildens belt.