A new way of thinking about your shopping!

Sound, tailor-made advice given during a fitting, personalized shopping support and discovering new and original addresses…

Let yourself be tempted by the season’s trend, while at the same time keeping your style and taste.

Personalised Shopping

A tailor-made shopping circuit, ideal to find an original piece that will highlight your silhouette, sprinkle your wardrobe with a dash of originality or change the way you dress.

Wardrobe clean out

The wardrobe clean out takes place in your home, making sure you keep certain staple pieces, giving you personalized hints and advice, how to have your finger on the pulse of what is fashionable using the content of your own wardrobe (with photos that will then be given to you).

Long distance selection

The answer to all your last minute stresses! After an initial telephone interview, I will hunt down the missing piece or accessory that you’re lacking. Within 48 hours you will receive a selection of 3 products by email which you can order directly on line, on reliable websites.

Wedding special

You want your Hen night to be a night to remember with your bridesmaids? Offer yourselves a special tailor-made Wedding workshop. The program includes: matching your style together with the colour code of the day, the bride’s outfit, learn how to make the most of your natural assets and tips on how to be elegant while staying within your budget.